Hooper Dorm

Hooper Dorm is a residential care facility located on the grounds of MacDonell Methodist Children’s Home for females between the ages of 10 – 18.  The program is set up to foster a resident’s independence, self-esteem, uniqueness and mutual respect in a supportive environment.  All residents should feel safe, supported, valued and connected.

The program has several long-term goals including:


  1. To help residents acquire life management skills towards self sufficiency and adulthood.
  2. To assist residents in self-development, wellness and prevention as is relates to self care.
  3. To work with residents on overcoming obstacles towards success including:
    1. Behavioral
    2. Educational
    3. Emotional
  4. To provide a safe, supported, valued and connected atmosphere for age-appropriate growth and learning.
  5. To nurture hope within each resident.

The programs short-term goals include:


  1. To provide residents with weekly life management skills lessons that the resident can use in her quest to become self-sufficient.
  2. To provide residents with weekly opportunities for hands-on skills development towards self-sufficiency including culinary skills, budgeting, and housekeeping, etc.
  3. To regularly learn concepts and skills as related to wellness and self-care including basic hygiene, proper eating, and exercise.
  4. To initially assess residents upon admit in the areas of behavior, education and emotional needs. Each assessment shall be completed within 30 days of the resident being admitted.
  5. To provide services and guidance to each resident as it relates to her individual behavioral, educational and emotional needs.
  6. To provide a physical environment within the dorm that is safe, comfortable and takes into account the resident’s individual preferences.
  7. To provide off-campus activities and opportunities that enhance the growth of each resident. It is the goal that such activities and opportunities will be provided to each resident on a weekly basis.
  8. To work daily with each resident on behavioral goals and incentives.
  9. To support, through staff outreach, consistency, and structure, the value of each resident in the dorm.


Hooper Dorm is a licensed Type IV Residential Home through the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services. Contact us for more information.