Psychiatry (PSYCH)

Options for Independence began child psychiatry services through a collaboration with Tulane University and Dr. Akanksha Thakur in November 2016. Dr. Thakur is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Tulane University and provides thorough evaluations and follow-up medication management appointments to agency participants on Tuesdays. Options for Independence is thrilled to have Dr. Thakur as she allows the area to have reduced wait times for psychiatric services for youth ages 0 – 21.

Every participant who sees Dr. Thakur will also have a trained therapist in addition to Dr. Thakur to follow the family through the program. Therefore, the participant not only receives medication but also therapy. This way of participation helps the participant to work holistically as opposed to only treating one aspect of the individual’s life. Options for Independence and Dr. Thakur work together to ensure that all participants receive the best services.

In order to be scheduled with Dr. Thakur, a referral to Options for Independence is needed by a family member, community stakeholder or other interested parties. If you have any questions about our Psychiatry program, please do not hesitate to contact Rebecca Hoffmann-Spears via email or call (985) 868-2620.