Psychiatry (PSYCH)

Options for Independence is proud to offer medication evaluation and medication management services to its members through a collaborative agreement with psychiatric nurse practitioner, Richard “Richie” Bergeron II, PMHNP-BC.

Every participant who sees Richie will also have a trained therapist to follow the family through the program. Therefore, the participant not only receives medication but also therapy. This way of participation helps the participant to work holistically as opposed to only treating one aspect of the individual’s life. Options for Independence and Richie work together to ensure that all participants receive the best services.

In order to be scheduled with Richie, a referral to Options for Independence is needed by a family member, community stakeholder or other interested parties. If you have any questions about our Psychiatry program, please do not hesitate to contact Dayna Price via email or call (985) 868-2620.